Restaurant Interior Design | Germain | Saint Germain des Prés, Paris | India Mahdavi

At the invitation of Thierry Costes, India Mahdavi delivers first public project in Paris: a contemporary version of the bistro, revisited in a vintage spirit. Opened in May 2009, the place appears: Crude but chic, but familiar alternative.
"For Germain, I'm proper codes Parisian bistro, before the hijack, the revisit. I wanted this place to be nourished by a history, a tradition but it can also break free ... deconstruct the space by playing with scale, proportions, and patterns. "From the superposition of these multiple frames (floor tile cement pixelated black and white, luminous ceiling graphic, marble bar faceted) punctuated with bright colors to furniture, lime green, orange, and orchestrated by Sophie, the yellow sculpture Veilhan springs the impression of a "never seen" a place without concession, but that each may appropriate. Germain was born......more
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